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Screen printing has become my new old thing. From a very young age I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. At 18 I began my professional artistic endeavor at a print shop printing slot machine glass and Atari consoles and quickly moved from the shop into the art department where I discovered I could make a living while following my passion as an artist. Soon after, I moved to San Francisco where I attended CCA and studied both graphic design and painting, each influencing the other in ways that helped define my style of playful creative exploration with an extreme attention to detail. These experiences all helped to kick open the doors of possibilities that propelled me into a lifelong creative journey exploring the world of art and graphic design.  

Through the years my work has been heavily influenced by many sources, some of which include work from the masters of fine art to the pioneers of typography and graphic design, to punk/electronic/industrial music as well as street art, DADA, surrealism and post-modernism.


As for working style, I’m constantly exploring new techniques and ways of creating fresh and relevant ideas which are often dictated by my mood and subject matter. I combine these elements together with an eclectic and macabre aesthetic, a deep appreciation for powerful typography and a fascination with art history and weave them together to create often surreal images that examine the human condition and challenge the viewer to find both beauty and light in the dark.

I've recently picked up the squeegee again and have been busy coating and burning screens and printing limited run fine art prints in my studio. My latest work is a culmination of the last 35 years of my experience in the graphic and fine art fields.

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