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Senior Art Diector

Firewood frequently held events for clients and social gatherings for Firewood employees. I was the point creative for most (if not all) of these campaigns.

Holiday Party 2018

As Senior Art Director at Firewood I was given the task of concepting and creating all of the graphics for the 2018 holiday party for over 400 employees at the Regency Ballroom. I centered the event around an urban graffiti concept and applied that to the key visual interactions to create a uniquely branded experience for everyone.

Artboard 4 copy 6.png

The concept for the event was based on urban art. This was the approved visual to be used throughout the campaign.


I applied this graffiti concept to Firewood’s mark, which became the visual centerpiece for the all-hands presentation, staff t-shirts, signage and employee gift packaging.


Custom entry carpet executed by artist Dustin Macdonald.


Packaging design for headphones which were given to employees as gifts.


Main ballroom bar with graffiti treatment applied to backlit tables.


Staff were all given ampersand t-shirts to wear during the event.


Food station signage.


Bar menues.


Entry concept rendering.


DJ stage concept rendering.

select_-223 (1).jpg

The crew.

Firewood One Logo

A fun Firewood gathering in Golden Gate Park which evolved to into a larger branding initiative for Firewood as a way for employees to bond and attract new talent.

Asset 21_4x-100.jpg

Firewood Clairmont Client Events

Typically held at the over-the-top posh penthouse sweet at the Fairmont Hotel, these events were a way for Firewoods top brass to engage with existing clients and find new ones.

Fairmont Invite.png

Fairmont Hotel San Francisco. “Let’s Live it Up” campaign


A fortune teller was at hand giving sound advice to everyone at the party.

Fairmont Invite 2.png

Fairmont Hotel San Francisco. “To the Top” campaign


A Firewood client retention and development event held at the posh Fairmont penthouse suite.

Firewood Ignite Gallery Logo

Ignite is an on-site gallery where employees can show off their creative chops. Ignite became a larger brand initiative to entertain and retain current clients and develop new relationships with potential clients and talent. The logo visually represents a match book which is bold and timeless.


Music, fine art and performance, anything goes.

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